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Woronora Life Saving and River Patrol Club was established in 1939 and since then has been providing a valuable service for the local community. The Club is affiliated with the Royal Life Saving Society NSW Branch and focuses on actively engaging children and adults of all ages in water safety and lifesaving skills, Royal Life Saving Awards, Pointscore events and Inter-Club Competitions.


Woronora Life Saving Club is a great way for children to make friends, be active and enjoy the Woronora River. The Club welcomes everyone regardless of ability and caters for children from 2 years to Adults.

The Club colours are Maroon and Gold and the Club Emblem is a life buoy with wings. The life buoy represents rescue equipment to keep a person from drowning.

A typical season begins the second Sunday in October and runs until the end of March with a break over the Christmas school holidays.

Sunday Pointscore Nipper Events

ropethrow1Sunday Pointscore events include:


Different variations of distance according to age 

    • Beach Sprint (all age groups)
    • Beach Flags (all age groups)
    • Rescue-Rope Throw (6/7 years and above)
    • Rescue kickboard throw (2/3 & 4/5 age groups)



wadeevent1Different variations of distance according to age

    • Wade (2/3 & 4/5 age groups)
    • Kick board swim/wade (2/3 & 4/5 age groups)
    • Swim, around buoys (6/7 years and above)
    • Life Saving medley swim, survival strokes (6/7 years and above)
    • Nipper paddleboard, around buoys (6/7 years and above)
    • Iron Person, swim and run (all age groups)

Order of Events

Usually Sunday Pointscore events start with the Beach sprint for all ages, beginning with the 2/3 age group through to seniors. After the beach sprint event the following age groups 2/3, 4/5 and 6/7's remain near the sand square for the rest of their land events. Children from 8/9 age group and above move to the beach/water area. A rotation between land and water area will occur during the afternoon.

Wet Weather

If you are uncertain as to whether Sunday Pointscore will be held due to wet weather check the website on the day to see if it has been cancelled.

Age Groupings

Events are organised for the following age groups 2/3years, 4/5years, 6/7years, 8/9years, 10/11years, 12/13years, 14/15years, 16/17/18years and seniors. Boys and girls will compete separately. If raced together, gender and age race points will be allocated accordingly. If insufficient numbers are in any age group, this is subject to change.


On Sundays, points are recorded for each age group. Points are given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place or a point for participation in an event. At the end of the season these points are added to find 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters for each age group and trophies are presented at Presentation Day. All other members who do not get a place in their age groups are awarded a competitor trophy. There are no Pointscores allocated for ages 2/3 and 4/5, competitors in these age groups are awarded participation marks only and are all presented with a trophy at Club Presentation Day.

Compulsory Club and Safety Gear

During Sunday pointscore events club caps must be worn by all competitors. For all water events, pink high-viz vests must be worn by all competitors as well. The wearing of the pink high-viz vest is a Royal Life Saving Association requirement for water activities in open water.

Supervision of children

Parents and/or Guardians must supervise their children at all times, ensuring that when your child is near or in the water, they are within reach at all times.  Children are not to go to the Club Hall unattended.  A parent or close family relative must be with children in the Club Hall at all times.

Event Organisation

We trust that upon registration parents/guardians of competing members will assist in the running of events as required. All jobs are easy and no experience is necessary. In order for our Sunday Pointscore Events to run smoothly, assistance is required.

Swim/Board and Awards Training

Dates will be given during the season for swim/board and awards training.
It is mandatory that pink hi-viz vests are worn during all water activities at training.
Woronora Inter-Club Carnival

The annual Woronora Inter-Club Carnival is usually held in November.  The Carnival is held at Prince Edward Park, Woronora. Events for U8’s to 45+. The Carnival starts at 9.30am and entry forms are to be filled out prior to the carnival. Certificates/Ribbons are given to place getters. The Woronora Life Saving Club runs a fundraiser BBQ on the day.


Other Inter-Club Carnivals & Pool Life Saving

Swimming Pool based Inter-Club Carnivals are held throughout the season with other Royal Life Saving Clubs. Some of the competing clubs are Auburn, Enfield, Engadine, The Hills and Port Hacking Life Saving Clubs. These Inter-Club Carnivals run pool lifesaving events for competitors from U8’s to 45+.  Members are encouraged to participate in these carnivals. You must compete in two inter-club carnivals to be eligible to compete in the State Pool Life Saving Championships which is usually held in March.

carnivalpool2    carnivalpool1

Christmas Party

After events on the last Sunday pointscore of the year, a Club Christmas Party is held at the club hall. Families bring a plate to share (i.e.Dips, chips, crackers, fruit, cakes, slice, etc.)  The club provides Cordial/Juice, Tea and Coffee.  Sometimes Santa stops by for a visit….

Club Championships Day

Open Men’s and Open Ladies events.

Events for all other age groups, 2/3yrs, 4/5yrs, 6/7yrs, 8/9yrs, 10/11yrs, 12/13yrs, 14/15yrs, 16/17yrs & Seniors.

Club Championships is a single day event usually held in February.  Members take part in their usual Sunday Pointscore races. Boys and girls compete separately in each age group and all finishing positions are recorded.  Ribbons are awarded to place getters in each event and overall points for the day are tallied and medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions are given for each age group. All other members who compete on Club Championship day will receive a competitor medal. Medals and ribbons will be presented on Presentation Day.

Club Presentation Day

At the end of the season a Club Presentation is held to congratulate and award members for their achievements and participation throughout the season.

First, Second and Third place pointscore trophies are presented to every age group. All other children that have competed in weekly Sunday pointscore events are presented with a competitor or membership trophy. Members who have obtained Royal Life Saving awards during the session are presented with their awards. Ribbons and Medals from Club Championships Day are presented . Also several perpetual trophies are presented.


Group Photo 2012-2013 Season



Group Photo 2011-2012 Season



Group Photo 2010-2011 Season



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Registration Costs

$40.00 for 1 member
$70.00 for 2 member family
$100.00 for 3 member family
$120.00 for 4 member family
$140.00 for 5 member family
$150.00 for 6 or more member family